monitor YOUR taylor equipment from anywhere

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TaylorTrak Pro®Provides Real Time Information to Help Maintain Healthy Fleets and Reduce Cost

TaylorTrak Pro® Hardware is integrated into your equipment, interacting with our robust Taylor Integrated Control System (TICS) to ensure your equipment is communicating with you.

TaylorTrak Pro®provides access to machine data through WIFI or cellular network coverage. It enables comprehensive and flexible remote monitoring, asset tracking, maintenance scheduling and much more.

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TaylorTrak Pro® gives you easy, intuitive access to comprehensive information about your equipment’s performance and condition. Plus, with customizable alerts sent directly to a smart device, you’re always aware when a critical need arises.

  • Accurate, up-to-date information available across multiple platforms (desktop, tablet, smart phone)
  • Instant status updates on individual pieces of equipment
  • Alert notifications sent via SMS text and email to the proper personnel
  • Customizable alert preferences based on the level of information you request
  • Current status of all engine parameters
  • Alert notification of critical engine parameters
  • Current fuel level and total fuel usage graphs/reports

advantages of taylortrak pro®

Analytics &

  • Optimize Work Flow
  • Instance Access to Historical Data & Time Based Reporting
  • Compare Overall Fleet Performance
  • Detailed Performance Data Delivered to Your Fleet Manager
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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  • Plan & Track Maintenance. Use recommended Taylor Service Intervals or customize to fit your needs.
  • Receive alerts to notify you of approaching "scheduled" maintenance
  • Track individual machine and fleet maintenance history
  • Easy access to your Local Dealer Service Network

GPS Mapping &
Site Boundary Management

  • Real-time GPS equipment location on easy-to-use maps
  • Ability to Geo-fence an area and receive "Breach" alerts
  • GPS "Breadcrumbs" - Historical trails of where a piece of equipment has been over customized time-frames
  • Easily identify asset locations through color coded GPS map pins
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Remote Monitoring & Equipment Health

TaylorTrak Pro® keeps you linked to our global Dealer Network. Your demanding industrial job-site requires maximum uptime for all of your equipment. TaylorTrak Pro® gives you timely information you can use - with the support of your local Taylor Dealer and Service Network - to help ensure your fleet stays on track and remains healthy through scheduled maintenance. Delivering valuable information to you remotely is the key to reducing the cost of owning and operating your fleet.